from the desk of the ink-splasher.

I checked Amazon over the weekend, and it looks like Lines of Departure is available for pre-order in all formats (Kindle, paperback, and unabridged audio) for the January 28th release. (Terms of Enlistment will also be released as a new, “Director's Cut” edition at the same time and in the same formats.)

I know that a lot of you were hoping for an earlier release, but after comparing the Before and After versions, I am quite glad that 47North got their hands on the novels. It went through several editorial passes by very experienced and sharp-eyed editors, and the version about to be published as a 47North novel in January is quite a bit better than the original. In addition to tightening all the nuts and bolts, they suggested several changes that, in retrospect, make it a stronger novel. I'm very happy with the end result, and I think that if you like Terms of Enlistment, you're going to really like Lines of Departure.

In other news, my friend Peter has a new book out. It's a non-fiction memoir of his former profession as a prison chaplain. Peter is from South Africa, and he has had a rather interesting life. Go check out his publication announcement and pick up Walls, Wire, Bars, and Souls if it sounds interesting to you. (Peter also has a military science fiction novel out on Amazon, called Take the Star Road.)

This concludes the self- and friend-promotion this morning. Now I have to get back to work on that novella so I have something from the Terms of Enlistment universe to offer up before Lines of Departure comes out. (I expect to finish Measures of Absolution this week, and because I've been editing it on the fly, it should be available on the Kindle and directly from me by next week. Because the novella doesn't fall under my contractual restrictions regarding distribution, I can offer the EPUB and PDF versions directly, just like I did with Terms of Enlistment before it got picked up by 47North.)

Busy week ahead. I guess I best get to it, then…


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  1. Your second para puts the lie to my recent comment at Tam’s regarding her review of the work of the subject of your third para…but I’ll stand by my statements therehy.

    Also, it would be interesting to see a review from you of Peter’s non-fic work, considering your 180 viewpoint of the subject matter.