So we got a new puppy:

ygraineThat’s little Ygraine. She’s twelve weeks old, very sweet and fearlessly curious. Her first night at the Castle was as easy as you could wish for–she curled up in her crate and slept most of the night without a peep.

We got Ygraine as a companion for Henry, to continue Henry’s line once she is old enough. The other dogs like her just fine–the only issue with her presence is that Henry has already claimed her as “his”, and he’ll show aggression toward the other dogs when they try to play with her. Once the new and shiny has worn off young Ygraine, I’m sure we’ll establish equilibrium around here again.

Unfortunately, Ygraine is at the vet right now getting a nebulizer treatment and an antibiotics prescription for the pneumonia the breeder’s vet seems to have overlooked completely. We brought her home yesterday, and she had a fairly persistent cough. So we took her into the vet this morning, and he took an x-ray and diagnosed pneumonia. I’m not very pleased about that, to say the least. She’ll be fine after treatment, though, and she’s a sweet little girl who will fit in just fine here at the Castle Frostbite Novel Factory & Dachshund Kennel.


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