measures of absolution.

Happy goddamn Monday, kids!

There may or may not be a new novella of mine out on the Kindle. It may or may not be called “Measures of Absolution”. It may or may not be availabl…no. You know what? Forget that angle. This is private commerce, not the Obamacare website.

It’s called “Measures of Absolution”. It’s sixty-some pages of new story, told from over the shoulder of Andrew Grayson’s TA squad mate, Corporal Jackson, and it starts right in the middle of the epic clusterfuck that is the Battle of Detroit.

You can get it here:

And the best part is that it’ll cost you less than a donut and a coffee, which give entertainment for minutes. For the same price, this 64-page novella will give entertainment for tens of minutes, possibly even hour.

It’s a KDP Select title, so I can’t sell it directly or through another source, but you can read it on the Kindle reader for your OS. Because the file is DRM-free, you can also download it and covert it to a different format with Calibre.

16 thoughts on “measures of absolution.

  1. Okay, everybody stand down and clear those intertubes, imma need some bandwidth to get my fix of Frostbite fiction before that sucka is sold out.

    Might also wanna polish that tip jar of yours, cuz I expect to hit that like the fist of an angry god* after reading those writnenings.

    *within my limited financial means

  2. Downloaded and ready for eye strain in my tiny iPhone 4S screen… That is until I get home to hand of to my kindle. Thanks for making this a splendid Monday!

  3. He had just started his second year or service.

    Kloos, Marko (2013-10-27). Measures of Absolution (Kindle Locations 439-440). Frostbite Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    Should be “second year of service.”

  4. So, what does it mean to get a “sear on an eastbound transport”? Sunburn? All kidding aside, this is a terrific read. Keep writing, ’cause I’ll keep on buyin’ !

  5. Hell, and I just started Banks’ Use of Weapons. Guess it can go on hold for an hour or so…

    Glad to see you’ve kept the DRM at bay. I’m much more willing to pay for digital goods when I get to actually own them.

  6. Bought. Will read as soon as I’m done going through my blogroll. Thanks for the writening, Your stories are great fun, the odd misspelled word is of no particular consequence. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson , “The mind that can spell a word only one way is a weak mind indeed.” . I’m oooold, have read a lot of stuff and I know.

    • I don’t misspell. I make typos. 😉

      You never catch all of them on the first or even fifth pass. I fix them as they’re brought to my attention and then upload a new version that gets pushed to all the readers who already bought it.

  7. Good read – now where’s the next part???? :)

    One typo I spotted:
    “getting a sear on an eastbound transport”

    Unless they’re serving steak, I assume that’s a seat :)

  8. Liked it. Now you have a whole new storyline to go wandering around in.

    Your pacing has improved; can’t wait to read Lines of Departure.

  9. Marko – I really enjoyed this – but your opening paragraph is… worded oddly I think is how I’d put it. I honestly don’t know how to write it bettter -and besides the typos – you have a couple swaps between third and first person in there. Were those intentional?

    Obviosly Terms of Enlistment is a first person book, so that might be why the opening paragraph feels so off.

    Still, looking forward to seeing where this rebellion (run by actual soldiers) came from.