puppy play.


Henry and Ygraine doing what they do most of the day. (Ignore the messy floor, which I’ve TOTALLY PICKED UP since then.)

This fiber-optic connection kicks ass. That was a 153MB video straight from the iPhone, and it uploaded to YouTube in a minute or so. 50Mbps download speed is very nice, but 25Mbps on the upload makes a great many online tasks a great deal shorter.

4 thoughts on “puppy play.

  1. Hey, I like the pit group in front of the pellet stove! That’s a right cozy-looking reading nook right there, that is.

  2. I love how your older dog is keeping an eye on it with the ” Really? Again? Don’t you kids EVER stop? How am supposed to nap 18 hours a day with this racket?” And ” ‘m giving you the eye, girly…chew on Henry all you want, but I’m not in the mood” and “Henry! butt out of my face already. Jeez, Master, send them outside or something.”