my books, they have covers.

Check out the cover art for LINES OF DEPARTURE:


There’s also a new cover for the re-release of TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, but it doesn’t show on the Amazon page yet. You can see it in the search results when you look for “Terms of Enlistment” on Amazon, though.

4 thoughts on “my books, they have covers.

  1. I enjoyed reading “Terms of Enlistment” very much and am looking forward to “Lines of Departure”. I am also a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and spent two years in Germany in the late 60’s while in the Army. Keep up the good work.

  2. Waiting … and waiting …

    😉 Actually, even at 46, my mother still asks for a Christmas List. Considering her fixed income, LOD is at the top of the list, with a ** to show interest, along with a link to it on Amazon.

    I think she got the hint. Thanks for the great stories.