“…in the cold november rain…”



My view right now as I am sitting in the office of my local car hospital while Frostbite One, a.k.a. the Grand Marnier, gets its snow shoes put on and a wheel bearing replaced. Also, this office is massively over-heated, and I hope they’ll be done before I am nothing but a puddle on the floor.

I’m on the Surface, which is connected to the Great Link via my iPhone’s “Personal Hotspot” feature, which turns the phone into a WiFi router. This future, it does not suck.

Tomorrow we’re doing a family Thanksgiving, with the special guest being the turkey Robin brought home from work. Her employer shells out for Thanksgiving turkeys for every single employee and contractor every year, which is a nice gesture. As we don’t watch sportsball at Castle Frostbite, we’ll have to find some other passive activity by which to fall into a food coma.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it, and warm greetings and a friendly wave of the turkey drumstick to the rest of you. I have an awful lot to be thankful for this year, and much of it is because of my awesome readers. You guys and girls are the best. Grade A. Top notch. I wish I could have you all over for a turkey dinner, even if that means I’d have to buy a turkey the size of a humpback whale.


6 thoughts on ““…in the cold november rain…”

  1. I find it somewhat appalling that the keys to Personal Hotspot are held not by the technological capability but rather by the wireless provider.

    I would have to call them and beg, and then pay more for what is the same bits just viewed on a different display. that should be between my phone and my computer – my wireless provider gives a shit solely out of greed.

  2. Think how much fun it would be to roast an entire humpback whale over a real,honest to Deity fire. Prolly take at least a week and fifty cords of well seasoned hardwood. The spit alone would make it into the Guiness’ Book of world Records.