now this is how you do a movie trailer.

I like movie franchise reboots in general when they take a tired or campy old property and breathe new life in it. (In recent years, the Batman and James Bond reboots come to mind as well-done examples.)

One property in desperate need of a good kick in the script is Godzilla, because the last effort in that direction left us with the utter stinker that was the 1990s US reboot. There’s a new version coming out in 2014, and it has a trailer now:

It looks dark and terrifying and not the least bit campy. If they can manage to not fuck it up, this one may be that elusive Un-Sucky American Godzilla Movie. If anything, it evokes the feel of the original 1954 Godzilla, which was also dark and scary (for the times) and not at all like the later cutesy dude-in-a-suit Godzilla flicks.

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        • He nuked the facebook post as well. Where I said ‘hey dude, Major Caudill doesn’t exist. A guy named Marko Kloos wrote that.’

          But he -totally- deserves your vote to be on the BoD for the NRA, cause Navy SEAL!

  1. I was able to download the URL and watch it on the iMac…gave me shivers. This could be really fun!

  2. How truely pathetic has hollywoodcrap become when the best they can do is a remake of a remake of a remake… of a B-grade Japanese-made big monster flick from the sixties.
    (considering how much really good science-fiction material is out there and available)

    • Yeah, with so much GOOD science fiction out there, why not use some of THAT to make NEW films, rather than just redoing the same one with different effects and CGI time and again? I saw the original, and a remake. I won’t spend $ to see the next one.