Happy New Year, friends and neighbors!


The kids got to stay up until midnight last night to jump into the new year. I was worried about them even making it to midnight, but it turns out they were just fine. The adults, on the other hand, were dragging just a little, especially me. I was good and ready for bed at 10:30pm already. THIS IS WHAT OLD AGE FEELS LIKE.

Back to work, I suppose. There are novels and novellas waiting to be started/continued/finished. Let’s see if I can best my own record for Most Things Finished In A Calendar Year. I’m shooting for two novels, a novella, and maybe a short story or three. I also want to be more diligent about updating this here Interblogs page on a regular basis.

May you all have a great 2014!

3 thoughts on “2014.

  1. No early bedtime on New Years or 4th/July. Late night fireworks and firearms. The sonic whipcrack following the boom/bang indicates the rounds from heavy rifles are being tossed downrange (cattle ranch across the road), and not within the neighborhood. I suppose they could be launching them vertically, though.
    Just realized I forgot to scan for downed cows and littles. Some odd crying afterwards, I just remembered.