unabridged audio, without the german accent.

The unabridged audiobooks of TERMS OF ENLISTMENT and LINES OF DEPARTURE are up on Audible for pre-order. The release date is January 28, same as the print and ebook versions. The narrator for both books is Luke Daniels, who also narrated the Iron Druid series (among many, many other books.) Both books clock in at a little over nine hours.

This is some pretty cool stuff, I must say. Audio versions of my books, professionally produced and read by a pro. Robin is particularly looking forward to getting her hands on the audiobooks because that’s how she does most of her reading, on account of her having a physical commute. When I still drove around a lot, I listened to audiobooks on CD (ask your parents, kids!), and I got hooked on them quite fast. We’d both find it amusing to see the other pull into the parking spot in front of the old house in Knoxville and take another 5-10 minutes to get out of the car because the chapter wasn’t quite over yet.


2 thoughts on “unabridged audio, without the german accent.

  1. I’ve had my pre-order in since August. Hurry the hell up, I’m stuck reading Larry Correia until it comes out…. Just kidding Larry, I like you too.

  2. Oh man, Audio Books on CD! I never had a commute longer than 2 hours, so I’d only delve into those for long road trips. Sometimes I’d find them in surplus stores for cheap so I could have a NIB set, but I never liked spending so much retail for a CD set I’d listen to once, so I’d often rent from the liberry. Tragedy of the Commons, often at least one CD would have a bad scratch on it. This isn’t bad when you miss a stanza from a song, but in a story you might miss some good plot elements.

    That SUCKED!

    My Commute these days is on the train so I read all your books on my Kindle on the rails!