that’s where they make those little sausages, right?

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I organized the digital shoebox and found some more shots from our visit to Vienna last year.

That was a really nice trip-within-a-trip. I want to go there again, with a little more time and a less busy schedule.

2 thoughts on “that’s where they make those little sausages, right?

  1. *grin* My father’s wallet whimpers every time my mother talks about going back to Vienna. Kaerntnerstrasse makes him shiver, even though I did as much budget damage on the Schottenring as Mom did on Kaerntnerstrasse or the Graben.

    In all seriousness, Vienna has to be one of the most pedestrian friendly major cities in Europe. It’s definitely worth visiting at least once, preferably for a few days so you can take your time. Great photos!

  2. They don’t make the sausages there; just out of town is the Wienerwald, where they grow on trees!
    Yes, beautiful town, August is kind of hot and smokey, lots of nice architecture, a bewilderingly large number of statues look like the Quaker Oats man!