lines of departure.

Citizens, rejoice! The day has arrived. The sequel to TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, titled LINES OF DEPARTURE, is now available for your entertainenings!

Here’s where you can get LINES OF DEPARTURE right now:

Barnes & Noble


Amazon has Kindle, paperback, and audio versions. B&N has the paperback, and Audible has the audiobook. There’s no other ebook format than Kindle because AMAZON, but if you don’t have a Kindelmaschine, you can read the ebook through the respective free Kindle readers for PC, Mac, iOS, Blackberry, or Android.

Go! Buy! Read! And if you like the novel and have the time and wish to help the dude what wrote it? Recommend it to others, share your opinion, and write a review for other unsuspecting victims prospective readers. I’m pretty proud of that novel, and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

32 thoughts on “lines of departure.

  1. Yay! I finished re-reading ToE and Lucky Thirteen last night, and this will manage my in-flight entertainment today nicely.

    Congratulations Marko!

  2. Awesome! Just ordered it!

    Did I hear that there were updates made to ToE, and will my original edition update since it’s with a publisher now?

    • Unfortunately, 47North considers it a new edition because of the changes. I will say that the second-to-last chapter got a major rewrite, and there are numerous little changes throughout, so I’d consider it worth the $2.99 for the revised edition. And I’m not just saying that because I get $2 of that to put into my KEWL NEW GUNZ fund.

      • That is actually easier said than done. Amazon actually won’t let me buy the new version; it keeps telling me that I already own the book (true) but keeps downloading the old version. I sent an email to customer support; I’ll let you know what the fix is (or if I’m just being obtuse and it’s a problem limited to my brain)

      • Well worth it, especially considering you get the lion’s share!

        I’d planned on re-reading anyway prior to the new book, so I’ll get the updated version.

  3. Just got the shipping notice from Amazon — I too ordered so long ago I can’t remember.


  4. Marko, I still need to go back and read the edit of Terms of Enlistment, and then probably re-read Lines of Departure again…

    But I hate you a little bit for ending Lines the way you did :).

    Great book, I’ll throw a write up on Amazon later for it. Get cracking on Angles of Attack. I want that book yesterday 😉

  5. Got it yesterday afternoon on the kindle and finished it about 10pm. Too short, but a very solid improvement from ToE; you have improved your craft and I am excited to wait for the third entry in the series. I enjoyed the callbacks to ToE and just about cheered out loud when a certain noncom showed.

    Did Tam leave her wookie suit at castle frostbite when she last house sat? The pessimism, disgruntlement and dissatisfaction that the characters have with the NAC seems to be just a few steps from our current state in this country.

    My major bitch – 5 years, 200 pages and change before somebody finally figured out a mass driver? And these people are spacefaring? SMH…

    • The gears of entrenched and broke bureaucracy grind slowly. They did finally figure it out at Brass Blockhead HQ, but more of that in Book #3.

    • The mass driver was actually wellplayed I think…the idea of actually asking for another look at something very often doesnt occur to an entrenched bureaucracy. The governments in the series are just lurching along, barely keeping things going…

  6. The amazon fairy delivered two books to me today! There goes any sleep for the next couple days…

    • Read Terms and a hundred pages of Lines before I finally called it a night last night. This blizzard pretty much guarantees I finish tonight.

  7. Lines is a worthy successor to Terms. Thanks for keeping faith with us Heinleinites and naming the freighter after Gary Gordon!

    • Additional comment:
      Unlike your previous three books on Amazon Kindle, this one did NOT
      glitch on the last page.

  8. I’m about half way through it, great book. Love the way Kindle just autodownloaded it because I pre-ordered. Hurry up with the Angle of Attack. I don’t know what it will be about, but your story telling is great and that’s all I care about.

  9. Finished the book last night…. I hope my fingernails can survive the wait for Angle of Attack!

  10. Finally cleared enough off my plate to sit down and start reading it. Now it is a few hours past my bedtime, and I’ve finished reading it. (So much for “just one more chapter before I go to bed, I’ll still get enough sleep.”)
    Loved it, and I can’t wait for book 3!