scalzi confesses. film at 8.


And everything he says is 100% true.

John forgot to add that he’s also part of the reason why SF/F has lots of talented up-and-coming writers. He was most generous with his time and expertise at VP XII, and so were all the other instructors. Every year, just that one workshop puts 20-some talented folks into the wild with new motivation and the knowledge that they have what it takes to get their stuff into print. WAY TO PULL UP THE LADDER BEHIND YOU.

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  1. Just looked at the amazon ad for “New and noteworthy Sci-fi and Fantasy” on my kindle and Lines of Departure is one of the books featured in the ad. Love your books and have been reading your blog since you lived in Tennessee. Keep up the great work!

  2. McRapey?

    Kiss of death right there, kid. No thanks, I have had enough of pink SF and the emasculated twits that write it.

        • I dig the way that the dude hiding behind the pseudonym is using the term coined by an effete bigoted pseudo-intellectual soccer fan to call an ex Kraut paratrooper an “emasculated twit”. How did people live in a world before the internet pumped hot and cold running irony right into their living rooms?

          • In a more civilized age, calling someone names like that would have resulted in pistols at dawn, ten paces. As things stand, I’ll just have to hope for Manly McAnonymous to look me up at a convention and call me an emasculated twit to my face.

        • Scalzi is a pussy and a writer of poor science fiction – most of it ‘pink’ in nature. His better stuff is merely a rip off of Heinlein. The problem SF has right now is that the genre has been hijacked by a rancid collection of like minded men and women – homosexuals, militant atheists, vegans, feminists and other liberal twinks that use the genre as a pulpit to push their political agenda. Suffice it to say I don’t hold out much hope for a book that was written by a fink that has chosen to stay at home and raise the children while his wife works, LOL.

          The good news is that better stuff is emerging from legitimate men that want to entertain – Larry Correia comes to mind. Vox Day is showing promise, or so I’ve heard.

          You may not be able to judge a book by its cover – but more often than not it CAN be judged by its author so unfortunately it doesn’t look good for you at this point. I will wait until saner people have had a chance to review it before I make my final decision.

          • Oh – and finally – let me correct your spelling, Marko.

            I will be referring to you as an ’emasculated twat’, not a twit. And, in better days, emasculated twats like you kept your mouths shut rather than relying on your fists or your pistols. I tend to avoid sci-fi conventions because I generally don’t care for the calibre of self-proclaimed ‘talents’ that attend them.

            Guess you’ll just have to live with it, LOL.

          • Vox Day, you say? He actually did review TERMS, back in April. Seemed to rather like it, too.

            I’ll make it super-easy for you, though. Don’t read my books. I don’t need your money. Just move on and have a nice, masculine, legitimately manly life.

            Bye now.

          • Scalzi is a pussy…

            …says the person who won’t even sign their name to their screed. That’s funny, right there.

            Hey, you seem to really despise female genitalia. (NTTAWWT)

          • Scalzi ( McRapey ) is a hyperventalating SFWA bedwetter, yes.

            His personal war against Vox Day and Larry Corriea atttests to this.

            But is he can climb down off his message-fic-forever bandwagon long enough to help a mil-sf author, I’ll give him a temp reprieve.

            However, Glenfilthie, you continue to be a worthless little bigot, both here, and on the various Dark Enlightenment blogs, at least for as long as it takes for your hilarious personal issues to be called out on, and your ass to get subsequently banned.

            Marko and Tam are fairly skilled shooters, IMO. I suggest not threatening either of them.

  3. You know, I had to dig out the google to figure out the whole ‘McRapey’ thing. I’m not a huge Scalzi fan (I think his Old Man’s War series took a hard left turn and kinda stumbled into territory that was rather boring (to me) after the second book) but thats just me…

    Oy. I kinda wish I could get my last fifteen minutes of internet browsing back.

    Its always fun to see the twists to how an author got to where he is now, and Marko I’m quite glad you finally published. Ever since you put Lucky Thirteen up here on the blog a few years back I’ve been wanting to read Terms.

    You write an excellent Space Kablooie type novel. As noted before, now I want to read Angles Keep up the good work. And hopefully you won’t have to get to moderating comments to keep the Mcrapey’s out.