nothing to hide, nothing to fear, part MCVIII.

Feds seek contractor to build federal license plate reader database.

Remember: if Team Us does it, it’s a sensible national security measure, and if you oppose it, you’re a paranoid nutjob and/or want the terrorists to win. If Team Them does it, it’s a totalitarian police state measure, and if you support it, you’re a fascist pig and/or hate America, freedom, and apple pie.

12 thoughts on “nothing to hide, nothing to fear, part MCVIII.

  1. The fact that ANYBODY thinks this is a swell idea just blows my mind.

    1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual, for gawd’s sake.

  2. LOL.

    Well I guess your right to jack cars and drive them around with impunity afterward just went up the same hole your right to do drugs did. Along with your right to raise your kids as white supremists or religious whack jobs. I love Mom and apple pie but some of the American libertarians need to be fired out of a cannon.

    Believe it or not most cops have better things to do than hassle house-husbands.

    • Only a simpleton with a room temperature IQ and breath that whiffs of Uncle Sam’s scrote sweat would be unable to imagine any way that this could be misused to mess up their own life.

      I’m always amazed that people like you can find the “on” switch on the computer, but I shouldn’t be, since you obviously know how to work a voting machine.

      • He tries to disguise it, but his screen-name is just an abbreviation for Jackbooted Dickbag, so I’m not too surprised in the end.

    • but some of the American libertarians need to be fired out of a cannon.

      And will you, keyboard commando, be stepping up to shove them into the cannons?

  3. Yep, Tam.
    I’m not on anyone’s “team” anymore.
    If’n it aint right, don’t do it.