news from absurdistan, item #2,912.

Fifth-grader points finger in gun-like fashion; gets suspended from school.

“Level 2 Lookalike Firearm” sure sounds a whole lot less idiotic than “pointing your index finger and thumb”.

Public education is on the ropes in this country not because we aren’t spending enough money on it, but because the lion’s share of it goes toward a huge administrative overhead where we pay people eighty grand of taxpayer cash a year to come up with a level system for “things that totally aren’t guns, but may be shaped that way.”

6 thoughts on “news from absurdistan, item #2,912.

  1. The fact that this was posted under “idoits” and “in the news” tells me all I needed to know, really.

    • Hmmm… possibly. I’d say it’s worth a shot. Investigate and report back.

  2. Theater of the Absurd. We’ve turned the circus over to the clowns. What would once be a Monty Python skit is now real life. God help us. Oops, said God in relation to public education. Off to the reeducation camp with me!!!