bors, 2000-2014.

Bors, a.k.a. Booger Boy, a.k.a. Elder Dog, is no longer with us.

He had a seizure of some sort a week ago, but bounced back to normal very quickly. This morning, it happened again, only there was no bounce. He went quietly in front of the pellet stove, the favorite doggy spot in the winter, with all the other dogs nearby and us there to comfort him. He was 14 and in declining health, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it’s always sad when they finally pack their bags for Rainbow Bridge.

Unfortunately, it happened ten minutes before school bus time, so the kids are a little upset this morning, especially Lyra. Later this morning, I’ll be taking the Booger to our regular vet to have him cremated, and then we’ll have another long conversation about death and dying when the kids get home. It’s their first hands-on brush with mortality–Guinevere, Bors’ mother, went two years ago, but Robin took her to the vet for that last service while the kids were at school. This one was up close and personal for them.

Bors was a sweet boy, an eternal puppy, good-natured and easy-going. He was a therapy dog for a while–he visited the old folks in the nursing home and made the rounds with Robin while she worked there. (He was the New Hampshire Health Care Association’s Volunteer of the Year in 2011, beating out a bunch of humans for the title.) One of her patients used to have dachshunds before she moved into the nursing home, and that dog’s visits were the highlight of her week every time. She passed away two or three years ago, and in this instance, I’m pretty sure that Bors is going to have someone waiting for him at Rainbow Bridge already.

Farewell, Bors. We’ll miss you terribly, but we are glad you could join us for a while.

Nurse Bors Sir Bors certificate


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  1. And he was a therapy dog, too? That’s awesome. Sorry for your loss, Marko, looks like he meant a lot to a lot of different people.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. What a phenomenal little fellow. Pets remind me of comets; they bring such beautiful brightness to our lives for a time. My condolences to your children as well in this difficult time,

  3. Man, Bors was clearly a dog above many men and women. So sorry for your loss. Yeah, the discussion with kids about death is not an easy one. Be well. So it goes.

  4. My older dog, Minerva (usually called Minnie, The Football, or Hybrid Vigor if I’m in a particular mood) is about two years older than my marriage, making her about twelve. She’s a goofy little beagle-terrier mix, resulting in an animal that looks rather like a corgi whose ears won’t stand up. When she was about a year or so old, she ate the spines off about a thousand dollars worth of collected coffee table books, before turning a pair of doc martens into birkenstocks. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I think I might have to leave the office to go home and hug my dog.

  5. My deepest condolences to you and your family. We lost our sweet border collie Sheba a few months ago but I still feel her presence at times. Or perhaps I’m just drawing solace from my happy memories of her, who knows. May your own memories bring you comfort whenever you think of Bors.

  6. Oh, dear. I’m sad for the loss of Bors but glad that he was in your lives for so long. He sounds like a really special dog and I know you’ll miss him. I hope he says hi to some of my old friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

  7. My heart breaks for the family. And, as always when I think of Bors, my thoughts turn to his brother, Lionel. Lionel also was sweet natured and easy going, and my vet told me once he too would make a good therapy dog. Bors was a good boy.

  8. I am sorry to hear of your loss… my best to you and your family, and long live Bors.

  9. My deepest condolences to your family. Went through the same thing with teh dog I grew up with when I was 19, and my mom was out of town — had to handle things before little sister got home from kindergarten. We may only have them for a fraction of OUR lives, but they give 110% of theirs to US.

  10. I join the large group of people who share your grief. It’s a sad time, but also a learning time for the kids. Please share a hug with them.

  11. I’m sorry to hear it Marko, they never seem to stick around as long as we’d like. I hope the kids bounce back quickly.

  12. So sorry. That’s the downside to having them in our lives. They never live as long as we would like. It’s still worth it, though. Still worth it.