achievement unlocked: foreign language rights sale.


That right there is the contract for the Czech language rights to TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, making this officially my first foreign rights sale.

This is one of the many reasons why having a good agent is a huge benefit. Foreign language rights are basically free money. The foreign publisher pays an advance–check in the mail, hooray!–and then the writer gets the contractually agreed-upon royalties per sold foreign language copy. It’s free money because the book is already written, and I don’t have to translate it or do any extra work beyond signing the contract and depositing the check. My agent Evan brokered the deal and negotiated contract terms for me because that’s the kind of stuff an agent does all day, and it’s also the stuff that authors in general (and this author in particular) aren’t very good at. I don’t have the time to approach foreign publishers, and even if I did, I have no experience dealing with them, negotiating terms, or figuring out the contracts. That’s why agents get their percentage, and that’s why I don’t mind that one bit. It frees me up for writing, and getting most of the money from a foreign deal beats getting all the money from no deal at all.

I can’t wait to see the first foreign edition of TERMS out in the wild in the Czech Republic. I hope they’ll give it a sweet cover, with laser-firing spaceships and stuff.

7 thoughts on “achievement unlocked: foreign language rights sale.

  1. Sweet. Love free money. Would you do the eventual German translation yourself?

  2. You sure they didn’t say the Czech is in the mail?.

    Kind of like ordering some smuggled Cubans and getting…Cubans.

    Old Seinfeld bit, sorry.

  3. Nice… I will definitely buy it when it comes out. I owe you anyway, for the free ice cream here.

    Any idea of the release date?

    uke / likely the only Czech reader so far :-) /