we can’t stop here. this is deadline country.

I am busy at the moment writing the third novel in the FRONTLINES series, titled ANGLES OF ATTACK. I sorta-kinda committed to a super-close deadline, which is good for you because the novel will be out sooner rather than later, but it’s also not-so-good for me in some ways because I have to write roughly triple my regular daily word count every day if I down’t want to blow the deadline. That leaves very little time for leisurely pursuits and such. But hey–it’s a nice problem to have, and I know lots of people who would just love to have it, so I’ll not whine about it too terribly much.

Spring has arrived, and it is GLORIOUS. The kids actually want to spend their time outside instead of glued to a screen indoors, which is a trend that I am sure will fade as the spring and summer progress.

The next official item on my dance card will be Readercon in July, where I’ll do my usual socializing and annual getting-together with friends. I’m not on the program in any way, so I can just check out whatever panels and readings look interesting, and spend the rest of the time hanging out. It is said that the hotel may actually have a lobby again this year, which will be nice. Last year’s Readercon felt more like meeting in a roadside Motel 6 for lack of an adequate social hub space. But that will be later. Until then, I have to crank out many more words so you fine people can spend your hard-earned cash on them, WHICH I TOTALLY SUPPORT AND APPRECIATE.

I may have some more important writerly-type¬†announcements in the very near future. For now it’s back to the word-loom for me.

15 thoughts on “we can’t stop here. this is deadline country.

  1. I just finished the first two books in a freakishly short period of time (as I could not put my Kindle down). I can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Good on ya, Marko. I don’t mean to rush you overmuch, but I’ve got a pickle jar in the basement filled with a bunch of bills to buy books with. You’ll definitely get a good wad of ’em.

  3. Skimming this post, I misread the title of the forthcoming book as “Angels of Attack,” and thought, “whoa, this series is going in a VERY new direction!”

  4. Funny, I read it as Angels too, but it made total sense to me as it would refer to the combined fleet remnants coming back to sol system to open some exojoules of kick-ass on the big uglies. Regardless, can’t wait.

  5. YES! I’ve been reading a lower quality series in the mean time while I wait for “Angles of Attack.” Great stuff, keep up the good work. I recommend you to all my fellow nerds at Microsoft.

  6. Much lucky you are, the days here in New South Wales/Australia have cooled to a chilly 16 or 18 degrees Celsius, making me wear 3 layers of clothing whenever I leave my house for the long 15 minute walk to university. I miss the summer bliss.

  7. Just finished the second book in the series. Please pull your finger out and get the third book finished :-)
    Love your work – thanks a bunch.

  8. While I am sorry to hear that your schedule is suffering, we clearly are having trouble waiting on the new book. So, soldier on! Take whatever time you need, though, to continue such a great story.

  9. One of my favorite things about science fiction novels are the art work on the cover im hoping on angles of attack we get the see the lanky’s and a seed ship. Hopefully someone in Hollywood will pick up the series and make them into some movie or maybe a tv series.