4 thoughts on “the two kinds of cops.

  1. That depends. Has he ever let another cop out of a law violation out of fraternal loyalty? Badged his way out of a ticket?

    • I happen to know for a fact that he’s arrested cops, but I don’t need to defend my friend to you.

    • I do not know him, but Cops do/should have discretion, and while I do not believe they should extend “professional courtesy” any further than they do to ordinary decent non-cops, I believe being a peace officer , that letting another cop a _little_ slack might occasionally extend to those who ought to know better.

      Goodness knows I have benefited as a younger & stupider man from a policeman giving me a stern look, and being told to knock off the stupid right away, and go home. He could have have gone with the letter of the law and given me a very unpleasant time.

  2. Hmm, 3 types – Peace Officers, Officers of the Law, Officers above the Law

    Useful, Bureaucrat with a Gun,State Thug