hey, look. it’s july already.

Wow, will you look at that calendar? Seems like we’re a week into July already. 

I’m still writing on the third Frontlines novel, which was TECHNICALLY DUE LAST MONTH. Erm. Let us not speak of this right now and continue on to other subjects. (I’ll be done soon, I promise.)

Team Munchkin Wrangler just got back from a  two-week trip to see the in-laws in North Carolina. The new Dogevan performed splendidly. Lots of storage and cargo space for all the clothes and gifts we ferried south, a built-in entertainment system to keep the kids happy on the 16-hour drive south, a built-in GPS system to keep me from having to rig my iPad up on the dash, and 280 ponies under the hood to gallop up a highway on-ramp and merge into fast-moving traffic without breaking a sweat. And the driver’s seat in the new van has electrically adjustable lumbar support, which is the berries for comfort.

The trip went well, but the environment at my in-laws wasn’t exactly conducive to productivity, to put it mildly. I got a fair bit written, but not nearly as much as I had hoped, so now I’m back on crunch time schedule at home so I can get this thing finished ASAP. 

Readercon is coming up next weekend, which is my main Nerd Social of the year. I get to see my friends and hang out with fellow SF/F folks. There is drinking and hanging out, attending readings and panels, and going out to the now-traditional greasy spoon breakfasts and barbecue dinners together. If you’re going to be at Readercon and you see me around, feel free to walk up and say hello. I promise I won’t try to hand-sell you any books or anything.

6 thoughts on “hey, look. it’s july already.

  1. I read Terms of Enlistment the first day (travel included) on a two-day business trip. Lines of Departure was immediately purchased via Kindle and completed the following day. If your third novel had been out, I wouldn’t have stopped there. I’d ask for faster, but you already know that.

    Many thanks for the entertainment!

  2. Actually – take your time. Loved the first book, but the second one seemed incomplete. No offense intended.
    TAKE YOUR TIME. You write with great skill and depth.

  3. Can’t wait for book 3!!! Any chance of some more shorts? I love them too.

  4. I hear that agents and publishers have a SPECIAL camp for the children of authors who do not meet deadlines. Keep watch for unmarked vans, and write quickly

  5. Darn you.

    Its guys like you who wreck my electronic book buying budget. Its actually a good thing the third book isn’t out because I’d be borrowing into next month. :-)

    Great books so far. I like the genre, and I think you’ve done a great job with it. You’ve done a neat job of balancing the hard core Starship troopers and the bleakness of Armor (or to an extent the Forever War).

    The images of the Detroit PRC were very good. I went college in Detroit for a bit and would drive past old, burned out neighborhoods. Though your story is dealing with imaginary city blocks it wasn’t far past some of what is there.

    BTW, if you do get a Challenger SRT, do the SRT8 experience. Its a way to safely enjoy the cars on a track.