frontlines series giveaway.


I’m in the mood to give something away, so I’m going to do a thing. Let’s call it a….”giveaway”. Yeah, that’s a good name for it.

If you would like to receive signed and personalized print copies of TERMS OF ENLISTMENT and LINES OF DEPARTURE, leave an affirmative comment on this post. One comment per person, please—no multiple entries.

At the end of the coming weekend (that’s Sunday, July 20th, around 6pm), I shall pick two winners via random number generator and close the comments. I will announce the winning entries on Monday morning, at which point the winners can contact me via email for a mailing address and personalization details. (If you’d rather just get the books without me defiling them with my signature, that’s OK too.)

This giveaway is open to readers all over the world. If you win, I will ship the books to you whether you live right here in Upper Cryogenica, at the northern tip of Norway, the southern tip of Australia, or anywhere in between, even if you are currently pulling duty at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

One entry each. Open to anyone in the world. You know how to proceed. EXECUTE.

205 thoughts on “frontlines series giveaway.

  1. Thank you for your mood :-) winning would be awesome! Also besides writing books, please do more tech reviews. The one about your new keyboard was excellent!

  2. I’m in. I love your books and your posts espicially how life sometimes gets in the way of your writing. Keep up the great work……..Chris………..

  3. The wife will kill me for adding more to my already overcrowded bookshelves…but affirmative!

  4. I’ve got nook and kindle versions of ToE and the kindle of everything else that’s out. I’d love some ink stained deadtrees though.

  5. I’m not sure what the definition of “affirmative comment” is, but I’m guessing it should include the word “yes”. So here’s the most affirmative video I can think of.

  6. Well of course I want to enter! I’ve long enjoyed your blog; if your books are half as entertaining I probably will read them in one sitting!

  7. Yes please!
    I don’t want to have to wait for you to go on a book tour to get an autographed copy :-)


  8. I´d love to read these books! The covers are fantastic. And I´m sure the man sitting on the sofa next to me would quite love to read these too.

  9. Yes I’d like the signed copies. could you throw in a copy of the third book? signed or unsigned. I just want to read it.

  10. Love your books! Eagerly awaiting the 3rd book! Would love the free books as well!

  11. I read the first book, but I regret to say that I haven’t yet read your second book…YET!…though I did buy both of ’em. Winning a signed copy of both would be great, yes!

  12. Yes. I hope that is affirmative enough. Plus, I can’t miss a chance to be # 69, at least in this sequence of posts. Thanks

  13. If I win I’ll need to sign it “that squirrel eating guy” since my wife is still bothered by that post.

  14. Marko, I really enjoy reading your space mitilary adventure. Got my son reading them. He gets them on Kindle before I do now. I still prefer the dead tree, after all, how do you autograph a digital?

    I’m looking forward to seeing how we whip 80 foot tall aliens and if our love birds hook back up.

  15. Yes please! I already have both, but if I win autographed copies, I promise to donate my non-autographed copies to the Wake County (NC) library.

    Can we arrange an in person autograph session? I can drive to western NC.

  16. Given I’ve long since purchased & read both on my Kindle I’d not wish to see another who’s not read them miss out on this generous offer.

  17. read them both on kindle, good stuff, can’t wait for #3, signed copy, yes, please!

  18. Great books, really enjoyed them and can’t wait for more.

    Also, I feel like they’re a much more exciting and successful version of my life. I started out life as an Army Grunt and have somehow landed myself as a TACP candidate in the Air Force.

  19. I have thoroughly enjoyed both TOE and LOD on my Kindle app, and would treasure signed copies next to my little piece of the Berlin Wall. Keep the good stuff coming!


  20. super looking forward to angles of attack now that we know how to destroy lanky ships we just might win this war. on a side not got a notice from daimler chrysler turns out that all the 3.6L engines now have a 10 year 150.000 mile warranty dont know if thats the engine in your grand caravan but cool news non the less.

  21. Yes, I’d love to have signed printed copies of those books, and I’m looking forward to any further installments in the series.

  22. Winning would be great, but a method for purchasing signed copies is also acceptable!

  23. Just discovered your books. Looking forward to the shorts and whatever is next. Thanks

    +1 on the books

  24. Not quite on the southern tip, but we’ll give your postie a workout – Sign me up, please!

  25. Thanks for the opportunity, Marko, and for the hours of great reading you’ve provided. I’m re-reading Terms in preparation for diving into Lines.

    P.S. Please write faster……

  26. Oooh, yes sir, please pick me sir (waves hand excitedly). Love your writing, plus if I win the books will get a chance to travel overseas..

  27. Haven’t read them yet, but thinking about making space for them. Tell you what – if you sent me a free copy and I like it, I’ll give the free copy to someone else and buy a new one for myself :)

  28. I’ve boufght and read the e-versions of both books as well as an associated short story. I loved them and eagerly await the next installment. Please enter me for the drawing. Keep up the good work.

  29. Thanks for the offer! I’d dearly love to have copies of your books that you’ve fondled!

  30. Science was sound and story is very good. I really like your characters. I hope the future you portray does not happen, or at least some of it, but it could, which makes it somehow a little better. Keep up the good work.

  31. The only thing that would make your books better….would be for them to come faster!

  32. I have already enjoyed the electronic version, and would very much like the hard copy version as a collectors item.

  33. I am lloking for some new fiction to read and these books look like just the thing I am looking to read. So regardless if I win them I will be reading them in the near future.

  34. Self promotion is great. I would greatly appreciate signed copies of both books. I have read the kindle versions back to back at least 3 times each.

  35. Ooh, yes please. Recently got (and read) them in kindle format, but a dead tree copy (and a signed one at that) is never a bad thing…

  36. Oh, oh, my stalking of this blog may get me something!

    I mean, uh, I would love to get these!

  37. These would be sitting on my “books I want people to know I’ve read” bookshelf in my living room–free advertising for you mate! -Z

  38. I’m in. Although shipping costs to NZ might be a bit much.. I would love to read them!

  39. I appear to have a 1 in 143 chance of winning, as of this comment. I will take those odds (even though they appear likely to get worse via Tampede)

  40. Book me, please. Also, we’re all waiting to hear more about the stationery elves at my house. More, please?

  41. Affirmative Response.

    (in the vain hope that being overly pedantic about the rules will somehow skew fate to my favor 😉 )

  42. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series. I read a lot of fiction and I would like to read more of yours. Chop chop.

  43. I would love to receive signed copies of your books. That’s very generous! Count me in, please!

  44. I AFFIRM that should I win, I will also donate my non-autographed copies to my local library. Reading your books is a life-AFFIRMING experience. I anticipate that this will be the most AFFIRMATIVE reply you’ll see today!

    And, seriously, thanks.

  45. I’ve read both books, and did each in one sitting. I don’t do that very often, anymore. I’m tempted to say they are too short, but I understand why they are their current length. Entertaining, and a bit addicting. Please keep up the good work.

    I miss the quantity of your past blog posts, but if the dearth is due to your book output, well, that will have to be an acceptable cost. Add me to your list of fans.

  46. I own both books on Kindle. They deserve a place in my library for my offspring to read.

  47. I have been waiting for the new book to be released before I start reading this series. Would be awesome get a signed copy.

  48. Marko-

    Please accept my affirmation at this time, in response to your thing. ‘Terms of Enlistment’ and ‘Lines of Departure’ were excellent reads, as is your blog (and novellas and short stories tangential to TOE). A signed copy would be a most excellent keepsake, and a status symbol I would enjoy thumbing at fellow fans and like-minded people in my social circle.

  49. I’ve enjoyed Terms of Enlistment on my phone, so I would very much enjoy having hard copies of both books.

  50. I’m sorry that I am not able to get to Reader Con to salute in your direction. Your books are most enjoyable. Are you going to be at the next Boskone?

  51. My daughter just finished both your books after I recommended them to her last week. Her comment to me, which I have to agree with, is “where’s the third book?”

  52. Marko, I just read both Terms of Enlistment and Lines of Departure over the past 4 days and they were outstanding. Very much looking forward to the follow up. Now I just have to find someplace to get the shortstories. All the best!

  53. “Oh, boy. Is this great . . . ” I wish I knew how to embed this, but the clip is classic:

  54. Have read both of these while currently deployed, love them! Can’t wait on the third!

  55. So an affirmative response about the series or a pick me response? I like the romance angle and hope for a happily ever after.

    oh and pick me. I am very glad to see so many readers but upset to have competition.

  56. I have loved everything you have written. That’s a rare thing for me, even with my very favorite authors, which includes you. Keep the words flowing. As for the contest, as Donkey said in “Shrek,” PICK ME! PICK ME!

  57. I thought I had already posted a comment but I can’t seem to see it.

    My affirmative response about the story is I love the relationship between Greyson and Hally.

    I am also formally stating (again) that I want in on the free books. I am happy to see 180+ readers enjoying this series but I am upset over having so much competition.

    Any word on when the next instalment is due?

  58. Read both books on Kindle and LOVED them! Would love to have the hard copies! Keep up your good work!

  59. Yes, copies of the books would be super. I’m not so patiently waiting for the next books in the series. I’ve already bought both audiobook versions with Luke Daniels reading. They’re awesomely addictive!

  60. Desperately waiting for the next Frontlines book… you are working on it, right? Affirmative comment!

  61. My hubby and I love your frontline series. Can’t wait until you publish a new book in the series.

  62. Congratulations on your success AND in having the super-smarts to get LUKE DANIELS, narrator supreme, to narrate your first published books. I listened to both of them (that means I purchased them via Audible!) specifically because I was looking for something by Daniels to listen to.

    I’m the Granny to several teen boys and would love to share your novels with them-especially free signed copies! Pick a senior for this Marko,
    Elle in Oregon