book b-day: “untalented”.

My friend Katrina Archer has a novel out today. It’s a fantasy novel called “Untalented”, and the cover is simply gorgeous.

Kat is a fellow Viable Paradise XII alum, and boy howdy, has VPXII produced some excellent writers. And not only are my VP friends great wordsmiths and -plumbers, but they’re also genuinely fine and fun people. 

(And did I mention how flipping gorgeous the cover for Kat’s novel is?)

Anyway, it’s out today, and you should check it out if fantasy novels float your boat. I know Kat’s writing, and I know you’ll find she’s a new and rising talent worth supporting. Even if she does keep trying to convince me that she lives in this mythical land to the north of us called Canadia. Everyone knows there’s nothing but ice dragons and snow ferrets north of the Wall.

7 thoughts on “book b-day: “untalented”.

  1. I’m trying to decide whether you called her a Snow Ferret or and Ice Dragon.

    If she asks you I can’t help. Of course, if she’s from the greater Toronto area she might be a slush zombie, so either the Ferret or the Dragon would be flattering.