autos in the wild.

Because all the cool kids are doing it, here’s today’s wild vintage car spotting:

IMG 0126

It was driven by a middle-aged guy (OF COURSE IT WAS), with a preteen girl in the passenger seat, presumably his offspring.  With a car like that to ride around in, he’s going to spoil that kid for her future first car, because who could be impressed with something like a Honda Fit or a VW Golf after riding around in a bona fide classic like that Stingray?

7 thoughts on “autos in the wild.

  1. Vintage car spotting is a thing now? I have to say that I don’t see as many Mustang Fastbacks, or even VDub Beetles for that matter, as I used to. Somebody’s hoarding them someplace.
    That Corvette looks the biz, too. Who doesn’t love metallic teal?

  2. Ooh nice! r3boot and I love to watch spot oldtimers and other cool cars when we’re driving around. Our taste kinda differs though :-p Do you know that show Car S.O.S. on NatGeo? You should watch it!

  3. Vet leg: the scar you get from hot side pipes. Very common in the late ’60 and early 70’s in some segments of society.

  4. I just finished reading the two books currently out and I wonder what the schedule is for the third?

    Also… During this re-read I noticed something that made me smile. The statement that the Chinese had a new SAM that had a few microtones of explosive power. Now… by my math Mega is big at a million tons. Kilo is still pretty big at thousand tons. Below that we’d have just plain old Ton…. a SAM exploding with a couple tons of TNT would be nice and hefty. Now… as written with microtones. hmmm. I can’t help but picture the missile exploding with a pop and a bang about the size of a firecracker or hand grenade. Maybe the author meant micrograms of antimatter or something? :-)

    • I was bored and did the math. A microton of TNT would be .002 of a pound of TNT.

      A microton of antimatter would be around 1.8 Ktons of TNT. (assuming 1 gram of AM = .02 megaton TNT yield)

      So a SAM with a microton weight of AM would make for a nice sized take out explosion.