the novels of chang.

Chang Terhune is a good friend of mine.

We met for the first time back at Viable Paradise XII in 2008. He is one of the many talented writers in the VPXII alumni group that are also fine human beings and fabulously fun to hang out with. Because he’s practically a local (Castle Frostbite is in west-central NH, Casa Chang is in coastal southern Maine), we have been meeting up again at practically every SF/F convention since 2008. They say you don’t really know a man until you’ve gotten him drunk on chocolate martinis, and by that measure I KNOW CHANG VERY WELL INDEED.

Anyway, Brother Chang is a fellow SF writer, and he has decided to follow me down the self-publishing path I walked with some success before the magical 47North spaceship beamed me up. To that end, I want to direct your gaze toward his author page on Lulu, where he is offering up his three SF novels: HARVESTMAN, THE ASTROGATRIX, and AUGUSTA, MOTHER OF SALT. (HARVESTMAN is also available on Amazon here.)

So if your fancy new futuristic word tablet is out of new stuff to put on it, and you dig straight-up SF, consider supporting a deserving new author who is also a really nice guy EVEN IF HE CAN’T HOLD HIS CHOCOLATE MARTINIS. (Not a euphemism.)

16 thoughts on “the novels of chang.

  1. Awww, thanks, liebchen! You’re the best! And all this despite the horror I subjected you to after those chocolate choo-choo’s! Hope everyone enjoys the books!

  2. There is so much ebook content available I have a very hard time paying $4.99 per book for a trilogy by an author unknown to me. If the first volume is cheap I would probably take a chance on it and see if I think the succeeding volumes are worth the bucks. Even so, over 2.99 is going to be a hard sell. Marko, I bought volume 2 and the novella because the first volume was enjoyable. Frankly I wasn’t that impressed by the second novel. I’d still buy volume 3 if the price is reasonable but I’d be wary.

  3. @nelson133: email me through my site or lulu and I will get you a copy of Harvestman for FREE. If you don’t like it then no silicon off your tablet. If you do then I’d ask you to buy the others as I’m sure you will like them even more. I’m doing this special for you because I like the number 133.

    • I’m pretty sure if you like Marko’s works you will dig mine. Thanks for buying it! And at $2.99 how can you go wrong? I’m trying to think how many song I’ve bought or albums that cost more than that which still make me shiver when I realized I spent the money on them.

      • I suppose if I complain about the price you’ll bring up my collection of Laser Disc movies that I’ll never watch again but am too embarrassed about the toss in the trash?

          • I started reading Harvestman last night. It’s pretty good! I’m about a half dozen chapters in and I will follow up when done. I am noticing a few typo’s though.

        • @ ORLUN ROGUE wherever movie night is I will bring my minidisc player and my DAT corder. Both hundreds of dollars in their day and now totally useless like teats on a goose!

  4. Chandterhune, I would be happy to take you up on your offer, but I can’t find an email address on your site.
    I’m giving my email address to post a comment and Marko has my permission to give it to you.

  5. Finished it last night. Looking forward to the sequel. Interesting characters. Good storyline. I probably would not have started with the Pilot 23 chapter. In a SF book the biggest challenge seems to gracefully introducing the reader to the world you’ve created; the tech, the social structure, the goals and attitudes of the people. Trying to introduce the new world along with the alternate Astrogator universe seemed to unnecessarily stretch out the introduction process. I guess that’s a long way of saying I thought the first couple chapters were a little slow getting your oriented. But that’s a pretty minor gripe. Kudos.