the space kablooie saga goes international.

Today’s announcement involves the OUTSTANDING literary tastes of the Polish and German people:

The Polish language rights for TERMS OF ENLISTMENT and LINES OF DEPARTURE have been sold to the Polish publishing house Fabryka Slow. I don’t have an ETA for the Polish language version, but my best guess is “sometime next year”.

The German language rights for both TERMS and LINES have been sold to Heyne, one of the really big names in German Science Fiction. This is a rather big deal for me personally—I read a ton of Heyne SF when I was growing up in Germany, and had you asked me back then who I’d want to be published with, I would have said “Heyne” without a second thought. See? Dreams do come true. Eventually. After years of hard work. But! Dreams.

Both deals were made by Evan Gregory at the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. Evan has been my agent for a year and a half now, and I am very happy with both his work and that of the agency. 

TERMS OF ENLISTMENT and LINES OF DEPARTURE in Polish and German! That’s foreign rights sales #2 and #3 (Evan sold the Czech rights a few months ago), and I just can’t wait for those sweet foreign language covers. I hope the Heyne book gets laser-firing spaceships on the cover, just like EVERY LAST ONE OF JOHN SCALZI’S HEYNE BOOKS. (Even the ones that don’t feature spaceships. Or lasers.)

4 thoughts on “the space kablooie saga goes international.

  1. Congratulations! As a German, I can appreciate how big it is to be published by Heyne. Luckily, I won’t be forced to see either the totally unrelated cover or the spoiler-filled cover text. 😉