october things, and paradise lost (which isn’t in october).

It’s October, which is my birth month and also the very best of all the months, especially in New England. I vote that we rename this month to “Halloween”, which is also the very best of all holidays. I mean, how can you not like it the best? There’s costumes, hot mulled cider, candy, and ghost stories. No other holiday can compete.

I’ll be up in New York City later this week to do a thing or two at NY ComicCon. I’ll be doing a signing at the 47North booth, which is #860, at 4:00 on Friday, so please show up so I don’t look like a chump, pen in hand and a faltering smile on my face as I contemplate my UTTER LONELINESS.

Hope you’re all having a good October. Mine’s going to be busy, but fun.

Oh, I forgot to mention this on the blog: I’ll be an adjunct lecturer at the Paradise Lost V workshop down in San Antonio in April, corrupting the minds of up-and-coming writers with BLATANT MISINFORMATION alongside Chuck Wendig, Delilah S. Dawson, and Robert Jackson Bennett. Paradise Lost is open to graduates of Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox, and members of the Codex Writers Group. Some of my old Viable Paradise XII friends will be in attendance at Paradise Lost V, so I am greatly looking forward to it. Also, I’ve never been to Texas except for a two-hour layover at DFW, which clearly doesn’t count as a visit to the state, so that will be a big bonus. I hear they have decent barbecue down there.

More news on the Fictional Novel Product front later. Now it’s back to the word mines so I can take a three-day break with a clear conscience.

2 thoughts on “october things, and paradise lost (which isn’t in october).

  1. “The word mines” That’s funny, but it’s what novel writing truly is. Great metaphor, Marko!