6 thoughts on “pencilcast #1.

  1. This post reminds me that I need to work on my script, which has deteriorated greatly in my time working in healthcare.

  2. I am pleased to see my ability to read good cursive script remains even if my ability with such script is pretty much limited to my signature these days.

    Neat post.

  3. Being born with the cursive literary handicap of being left handed,i have still not mastered the clean page.Most of the time the best i can muster up looks like 1990s Heroin chic eye makeup..Funny thins is,i can Shoot and Bat with both hands equally,and play guitar right handed…Go Figure.

  4. Some years ago The Evile Russkis were searching for writing implements to take into space. Regular pens won’t write in weightlesness so they thought about buying “Space Pens” from the US. Pride disallowed this so they went all thoughty ‘n she-it rediscovering the pencil. Mechanical, of course, as they didn’t want shavings in everything, but still, pencils write in weightlessness jes’ fine. Gave me a giggle when I learned of it.

    I’ll wager NASA spent millions developing the “Space Pen,” I have one, it’s kinda cool and only cost me about $4.00. I’t ll write upside down, through grease, and on wet surfaces.