my birthday, and also the audible deal of the day.

Hey, kids!

For my 43rd birthday (which is, incidentally, TODAY AND RIGHT NOW), Audible got me a nice surprise:

LINES OF DEPARTURE is the Audible Deal of the Day!

So if you like taking in your fiction through the sound-holes in your skull, you may want to head over there and pick up a copy. It’s cheaper than a latte, will keep you busy longer, and they won’t write the wrong name on the outside. Also, the Frontlines audiobooks are read by Luke Daniels, who does a stellar job.

I’m out running errands today, and there’s a kid birthday party/Halloween bash later this afternoon, so I’ll be occupied most of the day, but I think there’ll be a cocktail or two waiting for me at home this evening.


12 thoughts on “my birthday, and also the audible deal of the day.

  1. So i just found your series on Amazon Unlimited, and dang I am glad I did. I am almost finished with the second book and can’t wait for the third. I have been listening to the audiobooks, and they are fantastic.

  2. HB2U! And thanks for the series. It’s great fun. I do the Audible thing and I only listed only while running on the treadmill. Terms of Enlistment got me to the gym every day this week. lol. ; )