elections, schmelections.

Here’s my (not terribly prescient) prediction for tomorrow’s midterm elections:

The GOP will most likely gain Senate control. They will then promptly assume that they weren’t elected because people are tired of Team Blue’s fuckups, but rather that they now have some sort of mandate to double down on stupid and harp on gay marriage and abortion. I feel comfortable predicting this because it’s what the Stupid Party has been doing every single time they got a workable majority in the last twenty years or so.

I’ll go vote, of course. As usual, I’ll be voting for the candidates that best reflect my personal political beliefs. And as usual, I’ll have to spend the next two years listening to people telling me that I “threw my vote away” or “helped the other guy get elected”, and other such nonsense. The only wasted vote is the one you cast not based on your conscience but on who has a better chance of winning. It’s an election, not a goddamn prom, even if it has all the external trappings of one. And even if your unprincipled windbag loses on account of my single vote, it won’t be my fault because I voted for someone else, it will be his or her fault because he or she failed attract my vote.

Anyway! It’s Monday, and I have a novel to continue and a novella to finish. Let’s not all get negative over who is going to be elected to carry the slop bucket for the next two years. I’m going to make some coffee and fire up Pandora, and get to work. That’s one thing in the world that is entirely in my control.

7 thoughts on “elections, schmelections.

  1. Your Republican party nominally echoes my (ironically named) Liberal party (because they’re the Australian conservatives). I’m now going to be referring to them in future discussions as the Stupid Party. Thank you.

  2. So, you think you can control Pandora .. and who now really controls your writing, you or your new editor…

    What’s this I hear ?

    A voice from Nashville, “heeee hahah fall into our
    trap minion” :-)

  3. And you can sing until
    there’s no song left (song left)
    And I can scream until
    the world goes deaf (goes deaf)

    For every other word
    left unsaid you should
    have took the time to
    read the sign and
    see what it meant

    In some ways everybody
    feels alone so if the
    burden is mine then
    I can carry my own

    If joy really comes
    in the morning time
    then I’m gonna sit back
    and wait until the
    next sun rise….P.O.D.

    Goodbye For Now

  4. Want to feel like one voice screaming into the hurricane? Vote Libertarian in Texas…