want to be a space marine in a frontlines novel?

I am currently writing what will become the fourth Frontlines novel , titled “Chains of Command”.

Without giving away any plot details, I can tell you that Chains of Command will feature a group of folks I’m calling “the Bad-Ass Platoon of Bad-Assitude”. I’ve filled the command slots with some recurring characters that you may remember from the first or second novel, and some you will meet in the third novel. But a platoon has a lot of members (the NAC Spaceborne Infantry platoons have three squads, and each squad has three fireteams of four enlisted grunts), and that’s a lot of names to make up.

So I thought I should have some fun and do something worthy at the same time. To that end, I will fill the roster of enlisted members with names supplied by you. Here’s how it’s going to work:

–Claim a slot in the Comments below. First come, first serve. I have 9 enlisted slots to fill, and 1 squad leader position.

–Make a donation to the Semper Fi fund. (The Semper Fi fund is a top-rated non-profit organization helping injured, wounded, and ill members of our Armed Forces.) $25 will give you the right to name one of the enlisted grunts in one of the squads of the Bad-Ass Platoon of Bad-Assitude. I also have a squad leader slot to fill, but if you want that slot, it’ll cost you $50 at least.

–Forward me the donation receipt via email to marko.kloos@gmail.com.

–First come, first serve. I have 9 enlisted slots to fill, and 1 squad leader position.

For your donation, I will a.) name the character as desired by you, and b.) mention the character in the story at least once. You may live through the story, or you may die a glorious death for the NAC, but your name will be in the book. (Caveat: the character name can’t be out of place in the story–no celebrities etc.)

I will also match all donations dollar for dollar.

So here is your chance to be a Spaceborne Infantry grunt and see your name in print, all for a good cause. Nine squad slots for $25 a piece in donations, or be a squad leader for $50! SUCH A DEAL.

Now get to it, trooper!

UPDATE: All the slots have been claimed. That was quick, folks. Thank you, and I will send out verification emails later today!

UPDATE THE SECOND: Haven’t sent out emails yet, but everyone who donated and sent me the receipt via email today is going to get a named character. We ran over the count a little, but that’s OK. I’ll make some room in the platoon roster.

25 thoughts on “want to be a space marine in a frontlines novel?

  1. This sounds like such a great idea! I wish other authors would do it. And for a good cause, as well! I would love to claim a squad leader spot – for the name Harry.

  2. Put me in there. Forward Observer, artillery type. You should get some mileage from my name if there is any references to 20th Century Earth Porn.

  3. Nice! Count me in for an enlisted spot. I’ll send you the name along with the emailed receipt.

  4. Damn, I was too late… Hoping someone mentioned everyone’s favorite gunny —TAMARA KEEL , or for enlisted personnel, who else but ABBY NORMAL JOHNSON

  5. well, the email bounced – invalid recipient. Disappointing, I was hoping to get my father-n-law, a 78 yr old retired Marine Col. in ….he loves the books

  6. No time. Too busy working my day job with Colonial Constable’s outpost. If only they’d get that Reserve program up and running. (“One weekend a month, then two weeks each year, and your college is PAID FOR, Marine!”)

  7. DAMN!

    Ah well I guess I’ve already got a character named after me in the form of Supreme Space General Terhune, King Awesome of Awesomevania, Arch-Duke Of Can’t Hold His Liquor Why Do We Even Let Him Hang WIth us?