update from castle bleeearrgh.

Emails regarding the Space Marine naming rights will go out today. I meant to send them yesterday, but the Wandering Pestilence visited Castle Frostbite early yesterday morning. One of the kids started barfing at 4am, and it all went downhill from there. All four of us were laid up with one of those nasty 24-hour bugs that make you nauseated and fatigued, so I didn’t have the energy to spend much time in front of a computer last night. Just getting a bucket of warm water out to the chickens had me worn out afterwards.

Today’s all better. kids are back in school, and I’m back to the usual routine, so expect emails later today. Thanks again for participating!

One thought on “update from castle bleeearrgh.

  1. I’m now 80 years young and still remember the “all nighters” I spent with kids that are 50+ now. At the time I saw them as bad times. They turned out to be the greatest character builders/love moments my kids remember. A good daddy suffers right along with the kids but WOW do they ever remember every little detail.