frontlines the fourth.

Great news, people of Earth!

Contracts are signed, so I am free to share the news.

1.) There will officially be a fourth Frontlines novel.
2.) It will be called “Chains of Command”.
3.) If all goes well, it will be out THIS YEAR, which means you’ll get two new Frontlines novels in 2015. (Angles of Attack will be released on April 15th, and Chains of Command has a tentative release date of November if all goes according to plan and I don’t overshoot my deadline WHICH I WON’T, HONEST.)

So there you have it. 47North has bought Frontlines #4, “Chains of Command”, and I am doing my best to get it to you before this holiday season so you can all put it on your Christmas Kindles. 

17 thoughts on “frontlines the fourth.

  1. Best news all day. Cant wait. Will the fourth book be the conclusion? Will that guy that owned the little cafe that hooked up Grayson and his mom food make an appearance again? Does Grayson’s mom actually mediate the former soldiers mail for him? Can you please have all 4 books on special on hardcover?

  2. Whooohooo!!! Fantasitc! Well done and congratulations! You’re making for some happy fan boys out here. Also, please don’t stop!

  3. I’ll try to see that the senior Dachshund is equipped with a Taser to help ensure that there is no problem meeting the deadline.

  4. From West Urth: Awright Marko!! I’ve got worms on my tongue and I’m waiting with bated breath.

    Gerry N.