“angles of attack” giveaway.

There’s an Angles of Attack giveaway at Goodreads right now. If you’d like to put in your name for a free copy, you should head on over there and do the thing with the click and the stuff. The giveaway runs until April 21st, which is the official release day of Angles of Attack:


I get a box of author copies as is customary with most book contracts, and the one for Angles of Attack arrived yesterday:

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I don’t care how many books I’ll write in the future—opening that box and looking at the printed version for the first time is never going to get old. I feel like nerdy George McFly at the end of Back to the Future every time. You know, that scene where he gets his author copies of “A Match Made In Space”?


I’m still extremely busy writing “Chains of Command”, Frontlines #4, so you can all get it on your Kindles and eye-pods and eight-tracks and what-not before Christmas. It’s shaping up to be a really fun ride, and I think you’ll enjoy it. It is my personal opinion that Angles of Attack is the best Frontlines yet, and that Chains of Command may turn out even better. But I am, of course, heavily biased.

13 thoughts on ““angles of attack” giveaway.

  1. I have my order in with Amazon, and the contest wants me to use Facebook, which I don’t.

    But heck, I am happy to buy my copy to keep you gainfully employed.

  2. Same–pre-ordered, but all I can think when I see that freshly-opened box of goodness is, “I NEED one of those!”

  3. So excited, oh man. I can never get tired of the cover art of your books. I can’t for some heavy PEW PEW PEW. I just re-read ToE and LoD, I’m ready for this one, so ready. Can you send me a instagram sized picture of the front cover so I can post it on my bookstagram? I wan’t to do some free advertising, it’ll reach at least 500 scifi booknerds and I’d really appreciate it.