I am relieved beyond measure to see that “The Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin (translated by Ken Liu) has been added to the Best Novel Hugo shortlist in place of “Lines of Departure”. 

I honestly can’t think of a novel I would have rather seen on the ballot this year than this one. It’s precisely the kind of science fiction the genre needs—hard and entertaining SF with great depth and scope. It’s truly deserving of an award, and I urge you to read it and consider voting for it if you haven’t already.

(Mind you that I am not trying to debase myself by saying that “Lines of Departure” wasn’t worthy of a Hugo. I just think that “The Three-Body Problem” is equally worthy of one, and in my own opinion far more so.)

The inclusion of  “The Three-Body Problem” on the Hugo shortlist reaffirms to me without any remaining doubt that withdrawing “Lines of Departure” from the shortlist was 1000% the right call to make. 

19 thoughts on “gladness.

  1. You are a class act, sir. I deplore the armed state of the genre that led to slates and your painful withdrawal.

    The addition of a fabulous book like 3BP hopefully will help bring the conversation back to books rather than no award options and threats to destroy the awards.

  2. As saddened as I am about the whole debacle, I am very pleased that Liu Cixin’s excellent novel has been added.

    I do though hope that you sir are fairly and rapidly awarded for your excellent fiction.

  3. Marko,
    your article shows again that you act according to the highest ethical standards of honor and chivalry. My respects!
    Greetings from the old country,
    Martin K.

  4. Aaand because of you I’m out $12.99. Stop that.

    (I kind of agree with MZW about you withdrawing but I did gather you’re even less of a VD fan than others)

  5. 3BP (a fantastic book) getting a nod out of this is a nice surprise ending – and I think you pretty much aced the Kobayashi Maru test over the last few days, especially given you never signed up for it.

    I’m going to eagerly wait until Tuesday, when AoA shows up on my Kindle, and try to forget about the whole thing. Thanks for the great reads.

  6. Marko,

    I wasn’t familiar with your work before this whole dust-up, but I really respect your decision. I’m so relieved to see something positive come out of this whole mess.

    I’ve just ordered a copy of Terms of Enlistment *and* The Three-Body Problem. I’m looking forward to giving your series a shot. :)


  7. I am not a previous fan and actually found your Frontlines series because of your nomination. After reading, almost all of, the Hugo short list ‘Lines of Departure’ was the best of the 5. So I was disheartening to see it withdrawn (though respect your reasons). I am very pleased however to heard it was replace with a book of Liu’s craftsmanship. Thank you for your integrity, the field needs more people like you in it. You may have given up the nomination but have gained a new reader.

  8. I’m so very sorry that you got caught up in this entire SP/RP mess. I have been a huge fan of your work and I was excited to see ‘Lines of Departure’ make the short list for the Best Novel. It is excellent and worthy of the recognition.

  9. Honestly, your real fans don’t care about what awards you win or don’t win- sure it’s great if you win, but your REAL fans show their support with their wallets. We continue to buy into the stories because we enjoy those stories.

    Having said that I don’t comprehend the significance of the Hugo awards, nor do I care for it/them. I buy books, I read them, and if I like them I continue to buy from that author for as long as I enjoy those books.

    Keep up the good work Mr Kloos, I say that out of self-interest because I enjoy your storytelling. 😀

    • Ann is quite a fan of 3BP being on the ballot.

      Much respect from this quarter, too, Mr. Kloos. I look forward to the chance to get acquainted with your work.

  10. I’d never heard of you before this train-wreck of a worldcon, but now I have. Just grabbed an ebook copy of Terms of Enlistment. So, silver lining and all that.

  11. Marko, I was predisposed to buying your work anyway (I really liked LoD, and you’re a fellow VPer), but you’ve basically insured that I will be buying your work without even thinking of looking for reviews first.

  12. You are indeed a class act. Your books had been hovering around the edges of my Kindle reccs for months, but your grace in this difficult situation led me to buy the first one (despite its availability as a Kindle Unlimited selection, I wanted to show tangible support). I read it and enjoyed it so much that I bought the second and third on the spot.

    Consider yourself in possession of a new fan.

  13. Have to agree, I found LoD an ok read but not Hugo material. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, you were off by an order and a half of magnitude on the kinetic energy of a ship that accelerates at 4g for 36 hours. Sort of like that new “Age of Ultron” movie’s ending, where dropping a city-sized rock from a few thousand feet was supposed to end the world but obviously doesn’t have cometary-orbit energy behind it.