got me a gen-u-wine series now, i guess.

This is the color version of the current Amazon Kindle screensaver ad for the Frontlines series. I’m biased, of course, but I think it looks massively cool. Can’t be long now before I have enough books out for a boxed Frontlines set…



Yes, there are indeed a million ways to die in the Frontlines universe. And I have listed them all alphabetically and then again by embarrassment factor in the appendices of Angles of Attack!

(The cover art is done by Marc Simonetti, by the way.)

15 thoughts on “got me a gen-u-wine series now, i guess.

  1. For some reason, my copy of Angles of Attack doesn’t have appendices. It was preordered and came on day one. If there’s an updated one, I’d sure love to have it.
    Enjoyed the book very much.

  2. After I finished Angles of Attack, I began reading David Drake’s Lt. Leary/RCN Series, which I’d somehow never gotten around to. Isn’t it up to like 10 novels now? Just sayin’…

      • +1 to Tam. The RCN series is great. I was listening to the Baen Podcast, not to pimp another publisher Marko, and they mentioned another installment.

  3. “I have listed them all alphabetically and then again by embarrassment factor in the appendices of Angles of Attack!” – not complaining but it appears the Appendix isn’t in the Kindle version

  4. only one million? there’s probably more ways to die in Australia by animal alone.

  5. Got Angles (binary format). Read it straight through at the Las Vegas Wizard World Con as my tween-bot checked in to the old person seating and nourishment center from time to time. Going to re-read the series, ad nauseam I suspect, until Chains comes out. And, while you may have been joking on teh twitbook thingy, if you bring Johnny Stetson to the page I’ll buy those too.

  6. Just finished ‘angles.’
    When is the next installment? 😉
    The lanky ship invulnerability to heat & radiation but susceptibility to simple, massive amounts of kinetic energy has many implications. Hoping it’s explored further.

    • Simple application of large amounts of kinetic energy is a tragically underrated field when it comes to delivering Boom, though care usually has to be taken to build a realistic world where it is viable that hasn’t already succumbed to RKKV MAD.The implications are indeed interesting, and nicely foreshadowed, since if we egotistically assign human motivations and reasoning to the Lankies, it becomes clear that they were using the kinds of weapons that work on their own defenses from the start.

  7. This is the best possible world for any writer. You can strike out and write totally different fiction, but you’ve always got the Frontlines world to fall back on, and readers who will buy it. You’ve got a strong foundation now.