moving to a new domain.

I started The Munchkin Wrangler when I was a new dad. That was ten years ago and very much a different life. We lived in a different house, city, and state. We only had one child, and I was just getting started with this crazy pipe dream of maybe getting my foot in the door of this writing business.

Ten years later, the world has moved on, the munchkins aren’t so little anymore, and the full-time parenting is no longer my main occupation. I think the time has come to retire the Munchkin Wrangler and change things over to a slightly more businesslike domain. As such, further embloggenings and updates will occur at the new domain, which is If you want to continue following my scribblings, please update your bookmarks accordingly. (All the old posts and comments have been ported over to the new blog for continuity.)

7 thoughts on “moving to a new domain.

  1. I think the beer drinking dachsunds in a flying saucer are very businesslike. Full approval of the new domain (it will be easier to send people your way).

  2. Although I purchased and read ToE just after it was published, I have only been following The Munchkin Wrangler for a few months. But I will certainly be following you to the new domain. Just don’t make it *too* “businesslike”, if you know what I mean. The InterWebNet is full of blogs like that, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the more personal touch you have given yours.

  3. Do’nt forget the munchkins in your new found noteriety, to them you’ll always be “Dad: with the capitol D.