Yay! I’m in Asia. And Cambodia is my first stop. I arrived at night time so I didn’t see much of the landscape of this country from the sky. However, officially landed now, I passed the immigration and bought a local sim card for this tour. Yeah, I usually do that when I travel. Much cheaper instead of charging it to my telecom company.

With how crazy I’ve been using the internet service to contact my family and friends, I’d be owing my service provider loads of money before I know it!

I was looking for a car rental service, but it was closed and the only available ride from the airport is via this “Tuk tuk”. I took a picture of the id of the driver and sent it to my relatives just to be safe. Then, we proceeded to the hotel where I’d be stating for 3 days.

To say that the place is so alive at this time of the night, I arrived shortly before midnight their time, was an understatement. The place is vibrating with activity that even after being tired from the plane ride for hours, invites you to go down and shake your booties.

I chose to stay at a place named “The Gecko Hotel.” The Tuk tuk driver called it the Tuk Kaw hotel. He explained that it was called as such because of the sound the amphibian makes. Well, that makes sense. I figured that the name was fitting because anywhere you go in the vicinity of the hotel, there’s always a gecko waiting for you. I was also surprised that the driver was very fluent in speaking English which immediately relaxed the language barrier I thought would be a problem.

Anyway, the hotel is nice and airy. The welcoming committee is very hospitable. I cannot wait to start my adventure tomorrow!!! Check out my pictures.