moving to a new domain.

I started The Munchkin Wrangler when I was a new dad. That was ten years ago and very much a different life. We lived in a different house, city, and state. We only had one child, and I was just getting started with this crazy pipe dream of maybe getting my foot in the door of this writing business.

Ten years later, the world has moved on, the munchkins aren’t so little anymore, and the full-time parenting is no longer my main occupation. I think the time has come to retire the Munchkin Wrangler and change things over to a slightly more businesslike domain. As such, further embloggenings and updates will occur at the new domain, which is If you want to continue following my scribblings, please update your bookmarks accordingly. (All the old posts and comments have been ported over to the new blog for continuity.)

housekeeping note.

To keep comment spam down, I’ve set the control panel to require comment approval for your first comment. Once you’ve left a comment and it has been approved, further ones don’t require approval. So if your comment doesn’t show up right away, have patience–I have to manually clear them.


hello there. mind the moving boxes.

I’ve moved the blog over to its own domain on the server space we already rent. Hosting my own blog gives me a little bit more latitude with WordPress, and it means you won’t get served with ads at the bottom of each post.

My old blog’s export file is too big for the WordPress import tool, so until I can figure out how to get all the old content imported into the new blog, you’ll need to go back to the old digs to search for archived content.