My Craft

I cannot be thankful enough with your visit to my page. As I previously mentioned, I am good in doing things with my hands. Sometimes I get carried away and create so many that I wouldn’t be able to bring with me in ny journey. Why don’t you look around and check if you anything you like?

Knitted Sweater

Oh I love to knit. I made this back in May when my hand is twitching and I have nothing to past the time. Before I knew it, I’m created the whole thing.

I think the size for this thing is medium. It would fit a small only a little bit loose.

Beaded necklace

You’d definitely love this one! During my last trip in Thailand, I enrolled myself to one class that specializes in jewelry making. This is the product I came up with a nice colorful beads that were included in my starter kit.


This is my favorite product to do. I am a beanie lady so this should not come as a surprise. Check out the different colors avaiable. I put there some patches to make it look cooler.

Statue of a Rhino

I do carve too. I limit myself always to smaller products, although sometimes I still cannot help myself. This is one pf those days. I just finished this yesterday. The inspiration came from my last visit in Africa. I was so fascinated with this rhino that I simply want something to commemorate it with.

It’s 3 ft high and 5 ft wide. It is carved from a part of a narra tree so you are sure that it wont shatter if your kids think of it as a high chair. It has also been varnished well. For this one, I can either ship it or you can pick it up here.