About Me

There is not much I can tell you about myself. I always believe that I live a boring life so I strive to make it as exciting as possible. What I include here in my personal blog is the documentation of my everyday adventure.

Yes, I know I should’ve just written a book. But since life is so dynamic and like a water that continuously flow, I cannot reconcile the idea of just putting it into a book. Books have ending, and right now, I cannot see mine reaching its end. So I settled for a personal blog site. Since the internet is far-reaching, there is a good reason why I think many people would be able to read this world over.

The purpose of this blog is to tell people of my story – to learn from my mistakes, and to gather what they can from my adventure. I want people to, especially those who are incapable, to see the world in my eyes. I want them to live every moment that counts. It’s just another achievement that I’m leaving this hear for my next generation to read and learn about me.

The beauty of that internet is that albeit we reach our end in this world, it will remain. Your story will be a source of inspiration for years no end. At some point, perhaps your stories would even make it to some feature out there somewhere. Even if a certain place disintegrated into dust, you get to tell the world that, “Hey, I was once there. I came and I conquer.” It is a legacy that will leave your name permanently ingrained in the sand.

So follow me as I provide recollection of my stories here. Interact with me and ask questions. I would love to hear from you.