Garage door repair projects can be hard and dangerous. If you read this article then you realize that you have doubts about your skills and knowledge, contact professional garage door services such as, Alief garage door repair. It may save you money and you may learn new things. Well, the hospital bills due to the injuries sustained during the DIY garage door repair project won’t be worth those little savings. Therefore, educate yourself properly before attempting any DIY garage door project to be sure you are completely safe.

Type of garage door you are dealing with?

Some garage doors swing up in a single solid piece across the tracks. Your garage door could be operated manually or through an electric garage door opener. Consider these points before starting your project. If you have an automatic garage door with an electric opener, the problem could be with the opener instead of the garage door. If you experience that the garage door is not running on the tracks smoothly, there could be a problem with tracks instead of panels. Be aware of how it works before doing anything on it. Do your best before calling the expert because some issues could be simple enough that you can fix them by yourself.

Check the loose hardware:

 There are mounting brackets that secure the tracks to the walls and support the garage door along the tracks. The screws and bolts inside the brackets tend to break. They should be tightened to keep everything secure in place. A loose part won’t be obvious, so you will have to check them to be sure that they are tightened correctly. While doing so, it is also a good option to give the mounting brackets a good cleaning.

Garage door tracks repair:

A garage door track is a part that guides the garage door along with the ceiling. These tracks could have hardened grease or accumulated dirt inside of them that make the garage door harder to run. They could be imbalanced or misaligned which could cause the garage door to stop halfway on its tracks. Clean the tracks thoroughly to ensure they are clean properly and have no misaligned areas.

Inspect the garage door thoroughly:

Once you confirmed that tracks are aligned properly and all of the hardware is secure in place but your garage door is still not functioning. It means that the garage door itself is a problem. Inspect the panels, windows, and weather stripping on the garage door. If you have a wood garage door, the cracks and bumps could be fixed easily. In case of serious damages, the garage door will be replaced immediately.