Although garage doors are designed to last longer, they will eventually break down due to continuous operations and lack of maintenance. Some garage door problems need the assistance of professional garage door experts. Here you can learn more about common garage door failures that you might experience with your garage door.

Cocked garage door_ A garage door that does not close completely on one side or looks to be stuck on just one side may be encountering worn-out garage door pulleys or frayed garage door cables. In simple words, a garage door opens and closes smoothly but does not fully operational on one side. A qualified and trained garage door expert has the right expertise on these problems and helps you in decision making if a complete replacement is necessary or just one or two components of the garage door. In some cases, professional cleaning and washing may help you to resolve the problems at minimal expense.

Jammed garage door: A stuck garage door will neither open nor close which is likely caused by bent tracks or broken garage door cables. There may be a loose or damaged garage door behind the nonoperational garage door. Call a professional garage door technician to deal with the springs. Before calling an expert, make sure that the garage door opener is not to blame. Try to manually operate the garage door and replace the batteries of the opener and remote control first.

Loud sounds: If the garage door is creating loud sounds before stops working, it has clogged tracks. You should wash the garage door to remove accumulated dust, dirt, and grease. Proper lubrication to all moving hardware will also help you to reduce the noises while operating a garage door. Garage door expert has the right knowledge and tools to deal with these issues.

Squeaking garage doors: If opening and closing operations of the garage door have been done by squeaks and squeals, there may be dry bearing, rollers, or hinges behind it. These issues can easily be avoided by consulting a garage door expert to do annual garage door cleaning and maintenance. Failure to keep garage door components cleaned and lubricated can lead to unnecessary problems.

Garage door does not close completely: A garage door that does not close completely and goes backs before touching the ground. There is a misaligned garage door sensor or dirty photo eye of the sensor. This problem can easily be fixed by cleaning the photo eye of sensors placed on the floor at the bottom of the garage door. Blockage in front of photo-eye can fool the equipment into believing that there is some obstruct under the garage door. In this case, the garage door will not close completely as per safety measurements. If the garage door problem will not fix after cleaning the sensor, call a professional garage door expert to fix the misaligned garage door sensors.