Accidents related to automatic garage doors account for an average 30,000 cases in a year. This figure is calculated by USA Consumer Product Safety Commission. These injuries could be amputations, fractures, or even crushing that can result in dangerous situations like death. The most dangerous element of the garage door is its spring. They are hard and dangerous parts to install and maintain. This is why, whether you choose to handle it on your own or have someone to do it professionally, certain safety precautions must be considered when it concerns to garage door spring project. Check the link here to learn more tips about garage door springs.

Old versus new models of springs:

The newer model of springs is designed with core rod inside the spring coil. This is why the older models are considered more dangerous. If they break suddenly, they are expected to send steel shrapnel and miscellaneous throughout the garaged.  The recent models have cord rod that will retain the broken chinks of springs in the case of failure. Definitely you should choose a newer model.

Garage door extension and torsion springs:

The garage door torsion spring is the recent model of operating system which is mounted at the opening of garage door. Maximum pressure generates when garage door moves. Under these circumstances, if spring breaks then close the garage door manually. If you have dual spring system on your garage door, if one breaks then both springs should be replaced at the same time. It is important because having a new spring with an old spring will only increase the risk of damages.

Garage door extension springs are the older operating system. When extension springs were manufactured, they were once a useful part in the garage door. They are used to aid the garage door in the opening and closing process by counterbalancing the huge weight of garage door. It is risky operating system. They are not created and used for the garage doors. Professionals suggest a replacement on the garage door where this system is still in use. Some experts also offer a solution in the form some safety cables.

Safety cables of garage doors:

These safety cables are created with light weight material. If garage door spring break the chunks will still go ballistic but within a certain range where you have installed the cables. Consult professional garage door technician to install the safety cables and replace the garage door springs.