If you want to enhance the value of your property, you will experience that a garage door is an easy and affordable technique to enhance the curb appealing and protection of your home.

A stylish garage door will distinguish your home from the rest of the neighborhood. To gain special looks, a customized garage door can be designed according to your taste and specification. Common types of garage doors are canopy side, retractable, and hinges sectional retractable garage door. A sectional garage door is the most popular among all designs. For more information about garage door, visit here https://www.daytongaragedoorpros.com/garage-door-installation/

Types of garage doors:

Today, you will find automated and motorized garage doors which are operated with remote control. The famous style of remote-controlled garage door is “overhead garage door”. Your major concern in the planning of new garage door installation will be the material used. There are three basic materials of garage doors including steel, wood, and fiberglass.

The most famous style of garage door is overhead garage door:

The overhead garage door is the most famous type of garage door in today’s market. Having remarkable safety features and automatic stop and start features, people would find them easy to use and convenient to maintain. These garage doors work using a rolling system. Overhead garage door rolls up and stores along with the ceiling of the garage.

The curb appealing of wooden overhead garage doors:

Wooden garage doors are preferred due to their appurtenance. You can choose the cedar wood garage door for its durability and wonderful texture. They come in sections or flush construction. A roll-up wooden garage door has multiple sections and a flush section is created with a plywood panel on the top of the wooden frame. There is one major drawback of wooden garage doors that is they can expand, contract, and crack or warp due to harsh weather. They demand refinishing and frequent maintenance to be kept in a good working position.

Advantages of steel garage doors:

The significant advantage of a steel garage door is that it won’t crack or warp due to extreme weather. They are strong, durable, and sturdy garage doors that need low maintenance to be kept in good working condition. They are cheap in price than wood garage doors and keep your home looking attractive and unique. The latest steel garage doors are created with hot-dipped galvanized steel which will not rust. Another benefit is that you can get the look of wood without a hard maintenance routine. The only disadvantage to steel garage doors is that they can get dents easily which can be hard to fix.

The qualities of fiberglass garage doors:

Fiberglass garage doors also known as GRP garage doors are best for places where light is important and have salty ocean climates. These garage doors need a mild or little cleaning to retain functioning. Fiberglass garage doors are tough, strong, and durable which will be functional for a long period of time. They generally do not need frequent maintenance.


Each garage door material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Steel garage doors are cheap and strong but wood garage doors are good natural insulators and give curb appealing, and fiberglass garage doors need low maintenance as compared to others. Whichever you will choose for new garage door installation, you just need to make sure that it will enhance the appurtenance of your home, value for the money, and increase your feeling of security.