Traveling is my happiness. Whether local or international, I make sure to grab the opportunity if it presents itself. Everyone loves to travel, I mean who doesn’t? Even a homebody wants to go see new things from time to time.  


I used to be one of those homebodies who finds comfort and happiness inside my room. As a homebody, I always want to simply relax whenever I have the time because I usually have a busy schedule. I’d rather choose to stay at home than mingling with strangers at a bar. I enjoy nothing more than lying on my blanket in my own bed at night. During these moments, my only activity is waking up to surf the internet and having a cup of hot coffee every few hours. I am pretty contented with spending the rest of my time at thecomfort of my home. I am a homebody in every aspect which traced back when I was still young. Instead of being left at a daycare, I love to be dropped off at my grandparents’ house. There, I just lock myself in the guest room and play video games by myself. Being social was not really my strongest suit. As such, I stayed as far away from other kids as I can. But that doesn’t mean that I want to live my life in the corners of my room forever. Of course, like many others, I also have dreamed of traveling the world. There are many places included in my bucket list that I want to visit which I think would allow me to find peace and quiet which is the number one purpose of my travel. 


Before I started my adventure and my own travel blog, I was inspired by some cool photos and motivating stories written by some of the most adventurous travelers. This happened when I was looking for reviews on the internet for some my friend. From this, I was able to read many travel articles and sites referring the different types of travelers. While at it, I constantly encounter write-ups about homebody travelers. This fascinated me because I can relate. As such, I see to it that I can also share my story. 


I am a homebody traveler. Oftentimes, homebodies are less likely to step on the outside of their home or go on a trip because they don’t know how to adapt to the travel environment with their own rhythm. With that in mind, I create this blog to help homebodies who love to travel like me. I compiled some tips for creating a home on the road and in the destination, you will visit. You can see that on every blog I’ve written.  


Truth to be told. I never knew I could travel the world and see the beauty of many places. I am just a homebody who is contented and happy in my own bed. But traveling has its perks and those are what I enjoy. I hope, you will find the advantages of traveling as well as you go through this blog.