The electric garage door opener is really convenient when it comes to securing your car and house from burglars and outside elements.

Automatic garage door openers are operated with a single click of a button; it eliminates the need to raise or lower the garage door manually every time you step out. In order to avail of the benefits and good value, you should buy the right garage door opener with efficient safety features. Garage door openers like any other electric equipment have a number of options to choose from. If you are unable to determine which is good for you, consult a professional garage door expert like, Harold’s Garage Door Repair Service for this purpose. However, the following mentioned the techniques to pick the best.

Types of driven-system of openers:

It is the first and most essential point to be considered because the name suggests that it is a mechanism that drives the openers. There are three main types of driven systems, the belt, the chain, and the screw-driven.

  • The chain driven operating system is the oldest, famous, and cheapest form. It functions like a traditional pulley in which a chain is connected to a series of gears, rollers, and pins. The system is powered by an electric motor. The mechanism is beneficial in the event of a power outage because it can be operated manually. However, it is noisier during operations.
  • The screw-driven system of the garage door runs along plastic-lined tracks or a threaded rod. The garage door opens and closes as the rod turns. The trolley mechanism is an excellent choice for weighted and wider garage doors. It is a costly option but quite reasonable in the long run because it needs low maintenance services. 
  • A third driven mechanism is a belt-driven system. Its operations are similar to the first system but it uses flexible rubber belts instead of metal chains. The rubber belt makes it noiseless during the operations.

Power requirements: Garage door openers are powered by electricity through a motor. The amount of power supply depends on the weight and size of the garage door. a standard single garage door can be operated through a small motor without any glitch but for the double garage door you need at least ½ horsepower motor. For heavier and oversized garage door needs a ¾ horsepower model. Don’t forget to consider the speed. An ideal garage door opener is one that opens and closes quickly at a reasonable speed to ensure your security.

Safety and security feature: Since a garage door opener is used for automated functions, it is important to have a safety mechanism especially when there are kids and pets at home. The reversing mechanism is vital which is controlled by the light beam. It stops and reverses the garage door immediately if an object crosses the beam light. The rolling code technology is another security feature. It generates a new and random passcode every time when the garage door is operated.

Lights: It is not a security feature but it can enhance the functionality. The latest garage door opener models are fitted with LED lights. They turn on when you activate the system. In some models, the switching on and off of light is done through remote control.

Remote control and keypad feature: Recent garage door opener models are operated using keyless devices. The wall-mounted units are activated through a code combination. It also allows you to use fingerprints to operate the garage door. You can also control them using a handy remote. A standard remote with a single button is used to open and close the garage door. Remote with multiple buttons can be used to do multiple tasks like, turning on and off the lights, and delay closing.

Power backup: A power backup system can protect you from being stuck inside or outside the garage door in case of a power outage. This system does not come with all models of openers. Specific models are available with a manual release feature which allows you to operate the garage door by hand when there is no electricity.