Welcome to my kingdom – to the land of rainbows and unicorns with cherries on top!

If that is not a good way to greet you guys out there, then I do not know what is. Thank you for showing interest to my personal blog. To say that I am feeling overwhelmed of all your support is an understatement. I am greatly surprised by how many people really care. Eversince I started this blog, help just kept on pouring in. Now, I feel stronger. And the future? Brighter than it used to be.

To those who doesn’t know the story yet, I am a thirty something wanderer. Yes, that’s how I can basically describe myself because I love to flitter from place to place. My mom calls me her butterfly because I feel the need to always keep my feet moving. If only I was given a pair of wings other than feet, I’d never set foot again on the same space once in a lifetime.

Would you believe that just this year, I managed to move in to 6 different houses? And it’s just a quarter of the year! This is why Ibhave long given up owning a house. I just lease one without a contract so it’d be easier to move away again soon. Right now though, I am living a dreamhouse in the middle of Wichita, KS. The porch is wrap around, and the landscape is beautiful. But one thing that caught my attention of finally renting it is the garage door that looks like magic. It is made of glass that sparkles and iridescent under the glow of the moon. The landlord told me he had the best Wichita garage door service install it recently.

Before you ask, yes, it is possible for a garage door to look magical or bring a magical look to your property. I was informed that such installation was made by the local garage door service guys here in Tampa, FL. So if you want to know what I mean, contact them today. They have a range of garage doors to choose from that features many amazing designs and comes in many colors. The material it could be made of runs from wood, vinyl, glass, and aluminum, among others. Plus, it is insulated too. No uncomfortable heat or cool wind running through your household.

How can I afford this? I am a freelance writer whenever I have the time. This gives me the means to also travel on my own (I don’t have a husband or a partner). I also sell some crafts I do on my own. I’m a painter and wood carver when I have the time.

Anyway, I chose to create this blog to let people see the world through my eyes. Through the internet, which is ever present, I believe this is possible. I want people to learn many different culture by experiencung it through me. Lastly, I want these memories to last.

I do believe that by storing it here, I am slowly achieving my goals. So what are you still waiting for? Follow my footsteps into the different parts of the world!